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​日本画家・大和絵師 伊東正次の襖絵・屏風絵



I painted this camellia tree several times and the specific work above is held in the Museum of Art, Ehime. However, I want to inform you about the museum which possesses another version of this camellia I painted.

The museum is in Hokkaido, and is called Oketo Poppo Art Gallery, known as “donor’s gallery”. Beginning of this museum was a newspaper article by a painter. It was written that there are so many excellent works by unknown painters, and it is a pity that those works are getting buried without being noticed. The building is a renovated station building of the abandoned railway and all the exhibits are donated works which makes this museum so special.
It would be a good example that a wonderful museum can be founded under cooperation of artists and officials without spending huge money to collect famous arts.


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