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​日本画家・大和絵師 伊東正次の襖絵・屏風絵


Japanese zelkova "Ikiki no Gomon"

I visited this island in mid-August of an especially hot summer. Two plastic bottles of water I took went empty immediately. I walked up the rough, rocky mountain, viewing huge summer clouds above. When I walked along the narrow road where it was difficult for even people to pass each other, there were some white lilies by a house. Near the house were an Old wells, buckets and ropes abandoned for a long time. A butterfly flew over my head while I was looking at them.

After a short walk there was a remarkably large tree known as “Ikiki no Gomon” which means the gate of a living tree and you could literally pass through under a tree to access the little temple Chuguji. Bamboo brooms were leaning against the wall of the temple hall. While sketching among scattered fallen leaves listening to cicadas, I felt as if I time slipped to a past era. An empty bottle of sake nearby brought my consciousness back to present.

On my way back down the mountain, I noticed many cicada shells on the leaves. I felt the end of the hot summer. After refreshing at the local hot spring, I admired the sea and the sky stained red with the sunset.


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