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​日本画家・大和絵師 伊東正次の襖絵・屏風絵


Cedar / Vegetables

I drove up the highway into the mountain of Uozu to see the cedar, which was not open to the public until then. Although it is in the deep area of the forest, wooden paths around it are prepared.

There is a big rock at the base of each cedar, just as I heard. While I was sketching and taking photos wondering why, a man in a workwear who happened to be a local government official in charge passed by. I asked him why all the cedars in this area are holding on to a rock.
He told me that since this area is a steep slope, it is often affected by typhoons and landslides. It is thought that only the trees holding on to rocks got to survive from the disasters. He also said that these cedars that had sprouted on the rocks had grown up over a long period of time by sucking in the dew that had formed on the rock, and had grown to what is today.

It must have taken tens and hundreds of years for the nursery plant on rocks to inhale and grow to take roots with just the dew. I cannot quite draw all the trees around the area, but I ran the brush with the intention of drawing a part of the long history of this cedar.
Reminding myself that nature far exceeds our imagination.


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